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Financial Management, Budgeting and Audit for non Financial Managers

This course is specifically designed to explain the key principles, offer skills, tools and techniques of financial management and budgeting in a lay man’s language. It is a highly practical course will enable participants work with day financial management data,templates, and reports to develop key financials management skills to enable them, budget, track, and improve on financial decision making in the organization.

By the end of the course participants should be able to

  1. Understand the concept of financial management, the principles and key financial documents used in recording and presenting financial transactions.
  2. Know the budgeting process, types of budgets, the budget cycle and the key actions that can be used for budgetary control.
  3. Know the various financial statements and reports and be able to interpret the information therein to aid decision making or track performance.
  4. Effectively support the finance department in developing of department, sector or unit budgets, control costs and submit all requirements in a timely manner.
  5. Track expenditure and monitor the performance of projects and programs using the available financial data and take corrective action to eliminate redundancy,
    misuse and or wastage.
  6. Appreciate the concepts of stewardship, accountability, and transparency in financial management and why they are key in ensuring effective financial management.

Venue and Date

09 Jan - 03 Feb, Kampala - UG
10 - 21 April ,Dubai - U.A.E
10 - 21 July, Kampala - UG

Fee and Duration

3975 (4 Weeks)
2975 (2 Weeks)
2975 (2 Weeks)

Note: ACADRI reserves the right to alter dates, content, venue and trainer.