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Contract Drafting and Negotiation Skills

Course benefits

By the end of this training, participants should be able to; 

  • Develop the necessary capacity to plan and manage the procurement process
  • Gain understanding of supplier development , supplier relation management and supply chain management
  • Set procurement strategies in line with the prevailing procurement conditions
  • Assess and manage risk associated with the procurement process
  • Conduct market research , document suppliers  and other activities that facilitate the procurement process
  • Demonstrate effective financial analysis and cost control
  • Plan and effectively manage contracts
  • Negotiate effectively and resolve procurement conflicts professionally

Target Participants 

This course is specifically designed for Procurement Directors and Managers, Principal and Senior Procurement Officers, Project Managers and Officers, Project Engineers and all those who have attended the basic public procurement program and would like have an advanced training in Public Procurement, Contract Management and Negotiation

Venue and Date

05 - 16 Dec, Dubai - U.A.E
06 - 24 Mar, Mombasa - KE
12 -16 Jun, Port Elizabeth - S.A

Fee and Duration

2975 (2 Weeks)
3250 (3 Weeks)
1875 (1 Week)

Note: ACADRI reserves the right to alter dates, content, venue and trainer.