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Strategic Management and Leadership Skills

To effectively implement strategy organizations, need strong and capable strategic leaders who can motivate, coach, and inspire people to produce results and meet the organizations strategic objectives. Teams at all levels of the organization expect leadership to give the strategic direction and guidance required to implement organizational strategies.
This strategic management and leadership skills training is intended to equip senior managers and leaders within an organization with key skills and tools needed to effectively implement organizational strategy. The participants will learn how to act strategically and align their team or departmental strategy with the overall organizational strategy. Manager will be able to view the big picture and future ahead of their organization and operate from a more-strategic point view while delivering the expectations of the clients, the board , Partners, and other stakeholders.

Learning Objectives
By the end of this Training Participants will be able to.

  • Understand the key attributes of an effective organization and asses the strategic foundations of the organization by examining the mission, vision, and core values.
  • Effectively deliver business results that meet stakeholder expectations in a way that supports the organization’s overarching mission, vision, and strategy.
  • Know how to use strategic insight and business-strategy skills to create compelling business initiatives and strategic priorities for their area of responsibility.
  • Identify the tactics and formulate objectives that will contribute to the successful execution of the strategy.
  • Involve their team members in executing strategic plans and creating Strategic Measures of for the set strategies and KPAs.
  • Have knowledge, influence and power to coach, mentor and build strong cohesive teams for the attainment of organizational strategy.

Venue and Date

09 Jan - 03 Feb, Kampala - UG
10 - 21 April ,Dubai - U.A.E
10 - 21 July, Kampala - UG

Fee and Duration

3975 (4 Weeks)
2975 (2 Weeks)
2975 (2 Weeks)

Note: ACADRI reserves the right to alter dates, content, venue and trainer.