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Workplace Violence, Crime and Terrorism Awareness


The primary goal of occupational safety and security training is to foster and nourish a healthy, safe and secure work environment for all individuals in the workplace. Many hazards are present in today's work environments, and it's the employer's job to keep their employees safe from these hazards. 
The courses in this category cover key aspects of Occupational Health and Security. The aim is to help organizations protect their workers and reduce the number of workplace injuries, illnesses and death. 

Who should attend? 

Occupational Health Officers, Security Officers, HR Officers, Administrative staff , Custodians and all those charged with a responsibility of ensuring a safe and secure work environment.

Venue and Date

09 Jan - 03 Feb, Kampala - UG
10 - 21 April ,Dubai - U.A.E
10 - 21 July, Kampala - UG

Fee and Duration

3975 (4 Weeks)
2975 (2 Weeks)
2975 (2 Weeks)

Note: ACADRI reserves the right to alter dates, content, venue and trainer.